Victoria Venture Fund

Investment Strategy

Capital will be deployed in India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, or US registered SaaS companies with global growth potential that are “too early” for Series A, and “too late” for the angels and incubators. By leveraging our strong domain expertise, market experience, and network connections, we will help these companies grow within 48-60 months. We thrive during this phase of the founder’s journey. Ideally once we deliver our value, we would be keen to move out of the company’s cap table.

Key Sectors, Stage, and Ticket Size

We want to locate, invest, and support high-potential SaaS founders with SaaS solutions that can influence the way we live in the next 30 years. Our core thesis is centred around BFSI, Education, and Health but we are open to looking at other emerging sectors. Our sweet spot is the Pre-series stage with cheque size ranging from $500,000 to $2.5m. We have also allocated a small portion of the fund to invest in promising start-ups at a seed stage. Ideally, we would prefer to lead all opportunities in core sector, but open to co-investing along with other VC firms or family offices.