Victoria Venture Fund

We are Operator VC's

We want to focus on something that we know well or something that we experienced in our own entrepreneurial journey - "Dealing with Uncertainty". By uncertainty, we mean the scarcity of data and lack of clarity around the key elements of a repeatable and scalable SaaS business. As operators we fit very well in this stage of the founder's journey where they have built a product, achieved a product market fit and getting some revenue traction.

They are typically at a nascent stage where they have started to build some momentum, but a lot remains fluid. It’s a time in a company’s life where you need a partner with good judgement, the ability to evaluate the business and support them with some amount of coaching and creativity that would help them transition into the next stage of growth.
We like this entry point because
(a) Risk levels are relatively low
(b) Valuations are realistic and moderate
(c) Time to go to market is short
If we and our founders execute well, this could be a strong inflection point in the life of a SaaS Company.